E-Mail on 9/22/14 – Transfers!

So Transfers were last week and I didn’t get a chance to email because of complicated circumstances.  I’m in a “Tripanionship” with Elders Whicker (Miles City, MT) and Esterholdt(Ontario, OR) and they are a blast!  Elder Whicker is a louder personality and is actually finished with his mission next Friday (he’s going home early so that he can go to General Conference with his family).  He reminds me a lot of my friend Sunshine from Camp.  He has a scripture reference for every situation, it’s super funny when he uses them for non-gospel related situations.  Elder Esterholdt is more of the strong silent type.  He’s kinda short but he is like pure muscle because he grew up on a cattle ranch.  He was home-schooled and only has one sibling so it might not be a shock for you to learn that he is really scared to talk to people.  So we work well together because we fill in each others weaknesses.  When we teach it’s like a classical music piece in that I am all the big, loud, Inspiring crescendos and he is the soft, touching, breath-taking decrescendos, and when we aren’t teaching he helps me take stuff more seriously and I help him lighten up a little.  So I think we might be perfect. I’m excited.


Vince is an Investigator.  He was given to us by the Sisters (Smith and Rousseau) Because he had sat in on some of the lesson with his friend Betsy, who the sisters are teaching.  They gave him to us so that he would felt more special.  He looks like he could kill you.  He is covered in Tattoos and his house is filled with motorcycle and NASCAR stuff, as well as piles of welded scrap metal (his medium of art).  He has made some tough decisions in life that have eventually humbled him and now he has a desire to be baptized.  October 25th.  Keep him in your prayers.

The Carsons

They are just the best.  They are so fun and so sweet and love us so much.  Today we are even going to get ice cream with them because Sister Carson was sad that she didn’t get a dinner slot.  Sister Carson was apparently baptized last November but her husband Tim wasn’t quite sure yet, but through many missionary efforts from family, ward and Elder Esterholdt, he has gained the testimony that he needs.  This Friday he gets wet.  Keep him in your prayers.

The Hernandez Family

So we went to go see if this potential (Jesus H.) had read the BoM.  These potential visits usually stay on the porch with them telling us “I was just too busy,” or “Nah, I’m not really interested,” but this one was different.  We knocked on the door and it was answered by the wife, Maria.  She immediately recognized us as men of god and invited us to come in and sit down.  She then went and got her husband and he looked less than happy to see us, but we talked with him about the BoM for twenty seconds and how it can bless his family and that we would like to come back and talk more about Jesus Christ.  He kinda did the whole “I don’t know we are really busy…” thing but Elder Whicker sat there and kept trying dates until he eventually said yes.  Then we called the entire family over and prayed with them.  I think the Mom is interested and the Dad will be because of the Mom.  Cute Family.  Keep them in your prayers.

Maria, Adrian, and Lorenzo

So we were on exchanges one day and were tracting through a neighborhood and we passed this lady.  We approached her and said “hi” but then she said she doesn’t speak English.  Without missing a beat, Elders Bright and Esterholdt (E. Whicker got exchanged for the day) just started speaking Spanish!!  I DIDN’T KNOW THEY SPOKE SPANISH!!  E.Bright was supposed to serve a Spanish mission and learned how to teach and testify in Spanish, and E. Esterholdt learned it in home-school!!!  So, they gave her a spanish BoM that we just happened to have in our trunk and set a time that we could come back.  When we did come back, a 20 or so year-old answered the door and said his Mom, Maria, wasn’t home and then Elder Whicker asked if he had ever talked to missionaries before.  He said “No, but I need to.”  SO WE GAVE HIM A BOOK TOO!!  SO NOW WE ARE TEACHING A WHOLE FAMILY!!!!  I know little of them.  Keep them in your prayers.

So if you sent me an e-mail and got a 🙂 in reply that means I read it, loved it, and all of your questions will be covered in the group e-mail.

Elder Durham


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