E-mail from Sister Cutler on 9/15/14

Dear Brother and Sister Durham,

We are happy to report that Elder Durham arrived safely in Wisconsin this afternoon.  He went directly to the mission office where he was oriented by the missionary couples there.  Later, he met his companions at the mission home.  We had dinner together with the assistants, President Cutler interviewed Elder Durham, and then the missionaries left for their area.

Elder Durham will be trained for the next three weeks by Elder Whicker (on the left in the first picture), who was just released from being an assistant to the president.  He is one of the very best elders in our mission.  Elder Whicker finishes his mission and goes home on October 3rd and then Elder Esterholdt will become Elder Durham’s trainer.  Elder Esterholdt is also a very diligent, faithful missionary.  These three elders are serving in the  Elkhorn Ward in southern Wisconsin and they have an exciting baptism coming up on September 26th.  I’ll let Elder Durham tell you more about that when he writes home.

IMG_7443 IMG_7446 IMG_7445

We’re happy to have Elder Durham back in our mission and look forward to working with him!


Sister Laurie Cutler


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