E-mail – 8/12/13

Elder Durham and Elder Fluckiger pointing to  West Allis/South Milwaukee

Elder Durham and Elder Fluckiger pointing to West Allis/South Milwaukee

Okay, a lot to tell and I might not cover it all so if any of you have questions mail them in.  We left the MTC at 7:45 pm and were dropped of at a train then we rode to the airport.  I was able to call home (that was a weird experience).  I then got on the plane and we flew to Detroit.  There was a thirteen year-old member next to me and he offered me a headphone to watch the In-flight movie, Iron Man 3, which was sweet of him but silly, because I can’t watch anything (funny side thought to me, TV doesn’t exist anymore.  I didn’t even think about TV and then I remembered they exist only after I finally notice one as I left my hotel room) okay anyway, we flew to Detroit and landed at 5:00am (3:00am MT time) then we waited until 8:30 to board the plane that would land at 8:12.  While we waited I did some contacting and handed out a pass-along card.  When we got to Milwaukee I wanted to call my family again but we got swooped up by the Mission President and his wife.  They took us to a Stake Center where we spent all day there being interviewed and testimony-ed.  Then they took us to a hotel to sleep because we don’t all fit in the mission home.  Then we spent the next day getting talked to about rules n’ stuff and I got my companion Elder Fluckiger (Fluke-Eager).  He’s pretty cool and I like him a lot.  He plays a penny whistle that’s pretty cool.  In fact it makes me happy.  I like him a lot.  So, the members here are really nice and they feed us every night, which I’m getting used to, but at first it really stressed me out.  Luckily, I’m charming and everyone thinks I’m adorable.  We do a lot of walking and busses, which bums me out because it means we only get to visit two or three people a day which is a bummer.  I wish we where able to do more.  My favorite person is Lenny.  She reminds me so much of our favorite neighbor Korina (Corina?).  She acts like her a lot which made it very easy to love her.  She is “starving for the truth” which is exciting and we feel like she has a lot of potential.  I live in a sketchy part of town. According to people, the average is a murder a night.  Lots of gangs and shootings but don’t worry because that only happens to people that are out later than they should be.  We often visit a place in our area people call “little Mexico.” Everyone speaks Spanish and all the stores, taco trucks, Icecream/churro carts/bikes are all in Spanish.  I serve in West Allis which is South Milwaukee.  There is garbage everywhere, and everyone is super friendly!!  I love it.  I love it.  I love it!!


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