Letter – 8/2/2013



Dear Family,

I got a letter from you today.  It made me really happy.  I’m also glad to hear I’m winning.  [We joked about having a contest between Jordan and Max with letter writing.]

So I just wanted to tell another cool story.  This member brought her Catholic friend to the MTC because they ask for people to come that want to be taught to help us practice.  So it’s real but they have camera’s in the room so that they can monitor your progress.  Anyway, Elder Stewart and I got to teach her.  Her name was Joy and she’s been Catholic her whole life.  She recently moved up from some city – I can’t remember the name but it’s near Vegas.  And [she] has been curious about the church ever since she met her friend, Jo (female) and felt the warm loving comfort of her neighbors.  Joy’s husband recently passed away and since that has been looking for something to fill the void emptiness in her life.  She has been to some church with Jo but has lacked the desire to commit to the church and that’s when Jo decided to invite her here to be taught.  It was amazing to feel the Spirit guide us in answering her questions.  We made them cry!  It was so cool.  We were able to not just give her the information she needed but through the Spirit, she had a witness of the truth of the things we said.  She said she wouldn’t commit to a date for baptism but she did say she would continue to follow our guidance (like we gave her some scriptures to read and we taught her how to say prayers and not just recite ones) until she was ready.  So now it’s just up to the ward mission leader, which is scary.  I felt like I just handed off my (65-year-old) baby to be raised by someone else. 😥

So if I could just make a request.  Put dates on your letters so I know when they were written, and so I can get an idea of how fast mail travels.  Now I take off Monday night at 7:25 to board Trax and get to the airport.  I’m allowed to call you at that time so you might want to stay tuned.  Also just know that mail might not get to me.  Heads up.  Have you heard from Jordan and did you get my pictures?  Can you send me Jordan’s contact info and I will send you the address of my contact info ASAP.  I love you all very much and I am grateful for your help getting me to this amazing point in my life.

ELDER (CAPS.) Durham (Not all CAPS.  Can’t help it.  Bad habit.)

P.S.  Thanks for the “package” even though I probably won’t get it until tomorrow.

P.P.S.S.  Make sure you use my address codes next time like the “Aug06 MI-WIL Unit 74” stuff.  They told me to tell you that.


I tried bacon flavored popcorn… yeah… gross.


Love y’all lots!


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