E-mail(s) on 8/5/13

I’m sorry in all these letters if my grammar or spelling is crazy, it’s just because I have to type at the speed of light in order to get everything done.  But yes, I shared my testimony in sacrament meeting and made this big tongan kid cry which was cool.  I like making people cry.  Only the good kind though.

I’ve also gained five pounds the food here I LOADED with calories, oils, fats, and MSG.  My mother isn’t going to be super happy about that.  Mom it’s also all GMO.  The church is supporting GMO!  I’m sorry I didn’t bring my journal to the lab so I can’t really tell you any stories except for one.  In class we were getting a lesson on the holy ghost and how to use it and how to always have it with us and being a valuable tool in the mission field.  So at the end of each lesson The teacher asks us “So now what?”   So I raised my hand and said “I’m going to try really hard to be a tool.”  The teacher choked back a laugh and said “Yes we need to work really hard to be Instruments in God’s hands.”  That’s when I realized what I said and bust out laughing in the middle of the spiritual moment.  So, last year I didn’t call my Mom on her birthday and this year I didn’t call my Mom on her birthday.  I’m the worst son ever, but I have a better excuse this time.  So today I’m leaving the MTC it’s really weird because I feel like I got here yesterday.  I’m learning so much, but it’s not the kind of learning you can take notes on or learn from a textbook.  The learning I’m experiencing is the spirit changing me.  I feel like a different person.  I honestly can’t remember much about what I learned in class.  It’s just how I grew.  The times I learn most are at the end of the night when I talk to my Father that knows me better than I do.  That’s when I learn.  I love praying.  It is a wonderful experience.  I’ve noticed the way I pray  changing.  I honestly think about what I’m going to say all day.  I take detailed notice of things I can do better at and repent of, things that I’m thankful for, and questions or concerns I think about, and every night I pray and I grow and I bond with my Heavenly Father.  This mission has changed me so much because I have learned how to pray.  How to truly, sincerely pray.  I feel so powerful.

Love y’all

Elder Durham


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