First e-mail – MTC 7/30

Elders Durham and Stewart

Elders Durham and Stewart

Hello Family,

My P-day is officially Tuesday so  that’s when you should expect to see E-mails from me. However, My flight leaves Monday night so I don’t get another P-day here. . . and by “Monday Night” Tuesday Midnight. so yeah, I go to the airport at 10:45 Monday night and then arrive in Wisconsin at Eight in the morning.  So anyway, my experiences.  So, I met my companion and his Name is Elder Stewart.  He’s pretty cool.  We get along very well and we are the only ones in our room, so I feel like that has added to faster bonding because of the isolation.  Our District is 58-B, the best district in the MTC (see the photos page) and we’re all going to Wisconsin except for Sister Bird, who looks like Kaylee Briggs, talks like Kaylee Briggs, and sounds like Kaylee Briggs. Kicker? . . . her name is Kaylee.  I really wanted to be our District Leader but unfortunately they won’t let you be a District Leader if you’re already the Zone Leader. Hmmm, sacrifices.  But yeah, Elder Stewart and I Preside over three districts.  We currently have two investigators, Nancy Shilo, and Junichi Maeda.  We love them both very much and Nancy is one lesson away from getting baptized.  Junichi, on the other hand, is rather difficult.  He doesn’t want us to talk to him about religion because he doesn’t like the definition.  So we have to say stuff like “In our way of life we…” or “In our culture we believe…”   He is from the culture of “Shinto” and he’s this cute little Japanese man with broken english.  They keep us really busy here. We get sixteen-hour days full of sitting in a classroom while we learn about teaching, Jesus, and we do some teaching too.  It’s been an amazing experience and I already feel like I’ve grown so much.  Unfortunately, I’m running out of computer time so I have to go. I will continue to write though.

Love you all

Elder Durham

(the younger one)


One thought on “First e-mail – MTC 7/30

  1. Joanna

    Just a suggestion: it’s always a good idea to tell first and last names of anyone mentioned (whenever possible) in your letters and posts because you’ll really wish you had years later looking back through all your stuff. 🙂


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