First Letter – July 25, 7:07am

Dear family, 

I’m sorry it’s a letter and my handwriting is rough (retyped by Mom).  I would slow down to make it nicer but there is no time for that in the MTC.  They really keep you moving.  After you dropped me off, I was taken to my room.  After that, I went to class where I met ELDER STEWART.  He’s from Arizona which is pretty cool because St. George – we’re his next door neighbors.  My entire time here has been an incredible experience.  I already feel like a whole new person.  I remember feeling/thinking that “It’s just me and the Lord now.”  It was interesting to feel that void of relationships filled by Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.  I feel a growing closeness with them – their presence is so strong in this wonderful place.  I have so much joy and excitement.  They did an exercise where we had to practice teaching investigators with love.  They had us cycle through three different rooms.  In each room we were told a little about each investigator and watched them talk to some missionaries.  After just a little bit, they switched out and we had to address their concerns and use the Holy Ghost and our love and knowledge of them to share what they needed to hear.  It was an incredible experience because I felt the Spirit so strongly at times and the answers just came to me.  I’m so glad to be here.  I love it here.  I love Elder Stewart, and I love the person you raised me to be.  I love you, mom and dad and I love you, girls.  I’m excited to hear from you.
ELDER Durham 

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